Achilles Since 1905


Founded in Lisbon, in 1905, the brand Achilles 1905 is specialized in the production and design of exquisite metal pieces, designed to complement several details in an interior space.

In Achilles 1905 you may find the perfect finish for custom made furniture, curtains, staircases, handrails and door handles, always with a huge rigor and quality as if it were a jewel, with lifetime warranty.

With over 100 years of history, this brand has an impressive collection of molds, around 50.000, most of them are from handles with over 500 years of history. All the pieces are chiseled by hand, giving them a unique value and high-quality details.

Our showroom/museum is located in Príncipe Real, right in the center of Lisbon, where you can take a trip back to the past and visit our original foundry that has been preserve as they were 100 years ago.

You may visit in our showroom some our best works of last century and talk with one of our consultants and request advice for concept or development of your project, from the idea until the final end.

Today all our production is made in northern Portugal, more specifically in Porto.

At Achilles 1905, we create memorable experiences where each customer is unique and can find the fulfillment of their dreams. We combine old techniques with innovation, working with the finest metals, brass, copper, bronze, silver and gold. For us each project is a challenge that allows us to explore countless possibilities.